SweeTango® Has Arrived!

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A new apple is being grown in our orchard that has our family very excited.

The apple is known as SweeTango®. Yes, SweeTango® with one T! The name comes from people who have tasted this new apple and have gotten a sweet as well as a tart taste sensation at the same time.

SweeTangoYou may know of this apple by the number “MN 1914”. It is a variety from the University of Minnesota’s apple breeding program. The same people who brought us Honeycrisp! SweeTango® is a cross between Honeycrisp (the mom) and Zestar (the dad).

We think you’ll find something special when you taste a SweeTango®. Our customers who have tried this apple in our taste tests say it has the same juiciness and crunch that made Honeycrisp the most popular apple we have ever grown. Also, many have remarked about its flavor combination of sweet and tart. This flavor is a key quality that sets this apple-eating experience apart from others according to UMN apple breeder David Bedford.

SweeTango® has a deep rich red color compared to the striped red over yellow background color of our Door County grown Honeycrisp.

SweeTango® is being planted by premier family apple growers from Nova Scotia and Quebec in Canada, thru New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Washington State, and of course Wisconsin. We are honored to be the only apple grower in Wisconsin to grow and sell SweeTango®!

Planting SweeTangoThe large geographic area growing SweeTango® will offer apple lovers a couple of distinct benefits. One will be that a weather calamity in one region may not impact the entire North American SweeTango® crop. And second, many of the apples from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, and in-between, are being grown close to their local markets. Thus eliminating the need for transporting these apples long distances by truck.

The fall of 2009 will be the first year that there will be a quantity of SweeTango® available at our Wood Orchard Market in Door County, Wisconsin. Hopefully every year thereafter, as the trees mature, you will see them in select orchard markets and produce departments throughout the country.

A couple of links you might be interested in for more information: www.sweetango.com and www.apples.umn.edu

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SweeTango® is a registered trademark of the University of Minnesota for the Minneiska cultivar.