Located in Beautiful Door County, WI

Wood Orchard, Different from the rest Fresh tasting cherries Cider Donuts -- yummy! Family Fun at Wood Orchard New Cherry Horseradish Sauce Many varieties of apples at Wood Orchard Wide selection of fruit jams Lots of fun things for kids Fresh fruit at Wood Orchard Cherry Strudel at Wood Orchard Kids love our Cider Pops Nothing beats a Caramel Apple from Wood Orchard Many hand selected crafts available Try this tasty salsa on chips!

Truly Unique

Our Own!! As the only Wisconsin grower of the new SweeTango® apple, we are proud to sell direct to our customers!

We feature the finest home décor, with special gift lines for the children, Ladies’ jewelry, and seasonal items

Our Own!! Specialty bakery items - yummy good Cherry and Apple Cider Donuts and Cherry Strudel

Our Own!! Helpful and Friendly Staff of "Day Makers"

Totally Delicious

Our Own!! SweeTango® apples - unique to themselves with a very complex sweet tart flavor.

Our Own!! NEW! Honeycrisp Dried Apples

Our Own!! Wood Orchard Apple Cider

Our Own!! Best Ever Fudge!!

Samples Galore!!

Very Door County

Our Own!! Abundance of Fresh Home Grown Fruits and Vegetables

Our Own!! Honeycrisp apples with their explosive crispness and great juicy texture!

Wide selection of locally made jams, pie fillings, pickled products, mustards, wine, coffee

Fun for the whole family with pedal cart tracks, coloring mural, play set, hop scotch, black board and FREE Cider Pops

Join in on the Fun!

Experience Door County at its Finest!